Digital photo albums( artistic coffee tables) are fashionable in preserving printed photos. If you ever printed photos of different sizes and placed in standard albums produced in different places, now appeared fashion digital albums or flush mount albums. This fashion photo albums seems to have a long production and diversification into the production of these digital photo albums is very high, so is their quality.A digital album should last in time for the customer does not buy this album for a day or two, he buys it forever. Albums also need to create a digital story with digital photos made graphics.Print quality, the quality of the cover and solder quality materials are essential to produce quality photo album and to attract attention and the value of this album to be high both aesthetic and pecuniary.For production of such photo album requires digital photo graphics, printing, binding block the file, cover, album packaging, customization foreign album.

Production digital photo album or flush mount album requires investment in equipment and materials in all stages of production.For art album you need computer graphics programs for albums or just the graphics software.Printing graphics is the photo labs or plotters.

After printing you need for creasing creasing machine, press for pressing their assembly system with double cardboard or PVC glue, guillotine precision cutting album and also you need production equipment covers that can be leather, print photo, leather, velvet, fabric, plexiglass, wood. As the covers production equipment you need sewing machines, machine thinned skin, embossing machine, airbrushes for painting, heat presses, varnishers UV, thermal printers, cutter plotters, CNC or laser engraving and cutting machine.

Do not forget and stock material for producing a photo album: photographic paper, PVC or cardboard double adhesive, specially colored cardboard, cardboard, foam, plexiglass, special bookbinding adhesive, leather pigment, adhesive materials, UV coating. belongs About HiTi Photo Prints Ltd. (A Romanian company which manufactures and markets, equipment for manufacturing these digital albums, flush mount albums, coffee tables albums.We sell and manufacture Hardware for album production, presses, cutting machines, laser and CNC machines, printers ink to leather, sewing machine covers, varnishers UV, photo labs, plotters and all materials required for manufacturing photo albums.

All products sold by us are checked and tested in our workshop production DiManolo luxury photo albums.

Also, customers who buy equipment and materials from us will get training to make these digital albums, coffee table flush mount album or album. Delivery is free throughout Europe, and for personnel who are required to teach, only provide daily expenditures (travel, accommodation and meals).

All our equipment are warranted for two years.